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CCL, no. 49, 1988


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Editorial: Pot-Pourri [2-3]


Ice Women, Earth Mothers, and Fairy Godmothers: Woman as Metaphor in Two Recent Canadian Children's Novels / Mavis Reimer [6-13]

Une œuvre multiforme: les livres d'Yves Thériault / Claude Romney [14-21]

Pemmican Press / Iris Loewen [22-26]

Ethnic and Multicultural Materials for Children's Reading: Bibliographical Sources / Vivienne Denton [27-29]

An Interview with Paulette Bourgeois / Catherine Sheldrick Ross [30-40]

Review Articles & Reviews / Critiques et comptes rendus

An Impressive Survey / Frances Frazer [41-42]

  • Modern Canadian Children's Books, by Judith Saltman

An Unappealing Sequel / Michael Darling [43-45]

  • Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur, by Mordecai Richler

Une sorcière trop dépendante / Nancy Senior [46-47]

  • Sophie, l'apprentie sorcière, d'Henriette Major

Un mélimélo de culture scientifique / Marthe LaVallée-Williams [47-49]

  • Jour blanc, de Marie-Andrée Clermont et Frances Morgan

Girl into Woman: Two Honest Novels / Terence Scully [49-51]

  • Snow Apples, by Mary Razzell
  • Salmonberry Wine, by Mary Razzell

Childhood Trauma / Sandra Odegard [51-53]

  • Naomi's Road, by Joy Kogawa
  • The Valley of Flowers, by Veronica Eddy Brock
  • The Empty Chair, by Bess Kaplan

A Journey to Confidence / Lorraine York [53-55]

  • A Handful of Time, by Kit Pearson

Le rêve, voyage terrifiant hors-temps / Rachelle Renaud [55-57]

  • Vincent, Sylvie et les autres, de Marie Page

L'enfance au quotidien / Chantal De Grandpré [57-58]

  • Le journal intime d'Ani Croche, de Bertrand Gauthier

Two Good "Make Believe" Books / Elizabeth Matthews [58-59]

  • Jenny's Neighbours, by Richard Thompson
  • Sky Full of Babies, by Richard Thompson

L'univers des pédagogues / Daniel Chouinard [59-60]

  • Contre le temps, de Johanne Massé

Hayes' Electronic Trio / William Ewchuk [61-62]

  • Electricity, by Dan Mackie, Dave Mackie, and Dean Mackie
  • Communications, by Dan Mackie and Paul Hayes
  • Robotics, by Andrew Vowles and Dan Mackie

Pour apprivoiser le documentaire / Jean-Yves Boyer [62-64]

  • Les amphibiens, de Louise Martel et Michel Quintin
  • Les animaux sauvages, de Louise Beaudin et Marc Mongeau
  • Les oiseaux, de Marc Mongeau et Michel Quintin

Help for Horse Lovers / Greg Unger [64-66]

  • The Natural Aid: For Horse-Related Problems, by David Godson
  • The Equine Questionnaire, by David Godson

Two Sets to Please the Youngest / Hugh Ferguson and Pam Ferguson [66-68]

  • The Sea, by Philippe Béha
  • The Garden, by Philippe Béha
  • The Farmyard, by Philippe Béha
  • The Fridge, by Philippe Béha
  • Where is My Dummy?, by Sylvie Assathiany and Louise Pelletier
  • The Bad Day, by Sylvie Assathiany and Louise Pelletier
  • Grandma's Visit, by Sylvie Assathiany and Louise Pelletier
  • My Baby Sister, by Sylvie Assathiany and Louise Pelletier

"Guard your Treasure": Donn Kushner's Fiction for Older Children / Patricia Morley [68-71]

  • A Book Dragon, by Donn Kushner

La petite fille caméléon / Dietlinde Bailet [71-73]

  • Les déguisements d'Amélie, de Christine L'Heureux

Native Life in Legend, Fiction and Art / Kevin McCabe [73-76]

  • How Names Were Given: An Okanagan Legend, illus. Ken Edwards
  • How Food Was Given: An Okanagan Legend, illus. Ken Edwards
  • How Turtle Set the Animals Free: An Okanagan Legend, illus. Ken Edwards
  • Neekna and Chemai, by Jeanette Armstrong
  • How Raven Freed the Moon, by Anne Cameron
  • How the Loon Lost her Voice, by Anne Cameron
  • Orca's Song, by Anne Cameron
  • Tales of the Labrador Indians, by Harold Horwood
  • A Time to Be Brave, by Christel Kleitsch and Paul Stephens
  • Dancing Feathers, by Christel Kleitsch and Paul Stephens
  • The Ojibway Dream, by Arthur Shilling

Au pays de l'enfanphonie / Marisa Bortolussi [76-78]

  • Les souliers magiques, de Paul Baillargeon

Introductions to the World of Music / Lena Shura [78-80]

  • The Orchestra, by Mark Rubin
  • Your Child Needs Music, by Barbara Cass-Beggs and Frederick Harris

Canadian Children's Records V / Gary H. Paterson [80-84]

  • Lots More Junior Jug Band, by Chris and Ken Whitely
  • Cathy Fink and Friends, by Rounder Records
  • Grandma Slid Down the Mountain, by Rounder Records
  • A House for Me, by Fred Penner
  • On the Move with Greg and Steve, by Greg Scelsa and Steve Millang
  • The Rugrats Rock On, by Fred Mollin, Ronney Abramson and Ron Garant
  • Come on In!, by Eric Nagler
  • The Goat with the Bright Red Socks, by David E. Waleden and Lois Birkenshaw
  • The Magic Singing Animal Farm, by Berandol
  • Canada's Favourite Folksongs for Kids, by Berandol
  • Munsch; A Book on Tape, Vol. I and II, by Robert Munsch
  • Diamond in the Rough, by Charlotte Diamond

Mini-Reviews [85-86]

  • From Sidewalk to Seashore, by Linda R. White and Janice Jellicoe (reviewed by Donn Kushner)
  • Night and Day, by Catherine Ripley (reviewed by Donn Kushner)
  • Red Pines on the Ridge, by Leon E. Pavlick (reviewed by Donn Kushner)
  • Nature Puzzles, by Pauline Philp (reviewed by Donn Kushner)
  • The Secret Code of DNA, by Mary Razzell (reviewed by Donn Kushner)

Mini-comptes rendus [87-88]

  • Le livre tout nu, de Kathy Stinson (recensé par François Paré)
  • Papa, réveille-toi, de Robert Munsch (recensé par François Paré)
  • Nous on en parle, de Marcelle Lamarche et Pol Danheux (recensé par François Paré)

Round Table: Response, Notes and Queries [89-90]

Books reviewed in this issue / Livres recensés dans ce numéro [90-91]

Cover design from Almost an Elephant, by Rhinehart Friesen. Illustrated by Stefan Czernecki. Reproduced courtesy of Hyperion Press Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

L'illustration de la couverture est tirée du livre Almost an Elephant, de Rhinehart Friesen, illustré par Stefan Czernecki. Courtoisie de Hyperion Press Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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